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Truck lifting bags

Lifting bags for trucks

Inflate Works develops and produces lifting systems for salvaging, among others, trucks with trailers, tipper trucks and coaches. The low pressure in the bags (approx. 0.5 bar/ 7.25 psi) and the large contact surface mean there is little risk of damaging an overturned truck.

  • In many cases, bags can be used to right a trailer including the load, without the need for any additional equipment, such as a crane.
  • In other cases, lifting bags can be used in addition to a crane or other equipment. Lifting bags ensure more rapid, effective salvaging, saving man-hours and crane capacity.

We deliver lifting bags all over the world

Inflate Works delivers lifting bags within 48 hours of ordering all over Europe and even beyond. On request of our customers, we deliver an expert for lifting trucks. Our pneumatic lifting bags are filled with air pressure, ranging from 0.5 to 2 bar.

Video lifting by air

Watch the videos below to see lifting by air cushions in practice:

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