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Landing bags

Inflate Works develops and produces  for more than  20 years landing bags for rolled-over trucks. Landing bags or catch bags ''catch'' trucks during their recovery and make sure that the truck lands down on the ground softly. They operate independently from the lifting cushions.

We deliver landing bags all over the world

Inflate Works produces landing bags within 48 hours of ordering all over Europe and  internationally. On request of our customers, we deliver an expert for lifting trucks.


Watch the video below to see landing bags in action:

Blow up landing bags

For blowing up the landing bags we have two types of distributors.

Examples of usage

Our landing bags are widely used for the upright recovery of:

  • tractor trailers
  • heavy tracked equipment
  • box trucks
  • mobile homes
  • agricultural vehicles
  • caravans

Any upright recovery is now quick and safe when using our  Landing Bags!

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"Our waste materials and by-products are recycled by Texyloop"