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Liquid tight guarantee

Liquid tight guarantee

Seals on the floor are tested during the production process with a vacuum tester. Based on this tests Inflate Works can guarantee that the quality of the floors corresponds to Dutch norms "AS 6700" of "SIKB version 2.0".

Production Certificate

Customers receive a so-called "Production certificate" that contains the test procedure and results corresponding to Dutch norms "AS 6700" of "SIKB version 2.0". This document is called "Productie Attest".

Tracing raw materials

Applied raw materials in production are carefully registered. Raw materials applied to each product are documented on a batch level. On request, this information can be traced back at the supplier level.

Technical drawings

Inflate Works makes client specific drawings for each mobile liquid tight floor project. Size, anchoring, and connections are drawn in detail. The client approves the drawings before the production process. Drawings and specifications are saved in a database.

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