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Inflatable valve for closing of chimney

Valves for the safe closing of chimney

Inflate Works designs develop and produce custom made (inflatable) applications. By default, it is based on a specific and challenging problem, where usually no standard solution is available.

Inflatable ball valve

A typical example is an inflatable ball valve, developed by Inflate Works , to close a chimney.

A chimney, out of order in a regular process; the input to the chimney is closed down through valves. Usually, these "simple" valves have a leakage. To prevent the leakage flow passing the chimney an inflatable ball valve is applied.

Properties/boundary conditions of the valve

  • Maximum local temperature 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Emission should be water vapor with low concentrations of chlorides and grease.
  • Pressure applied to the balloon does not exceed 1 bar.
  • In an emergency situation the chimney must be immediately fully operational. The deflated valve therefore has a small volume generating no obstruction in the chimney pipe.

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