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Flexible connectors general

Flexible connectors general

Inflate Works develops and produces flexible connectors, bellows, inflatable bellows and other customized connectors for your application. E.g. they can be applied in between moving machine parts. Vibration, noise and pipe damage is practically eliminated. Flexible connectors make installation of machine parts easier.

Material selection depends on operating conditions like:

  • Environment temperature
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Anti-static fabrics
  • Flexibility
  • Folding frequency

The material can be PVC, (PTFE) coated fabric, fire retardant fabric, wear-proof material, stretch fabric, ETFE foil, LowE cloth, reflecting fabric or acoustic fabric.

Custom-made flexible connectors

Inflate Works develops, produces and delivers various flexible connectors. Mostly innovative custom-made solutions are offered dedicated to client applications.

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Industrial flexible solutions

"Our waste materials and by-products are recycled by Texyloop"