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Flexible Solutions

Flexible connectors

Flexible connectors

INFLATE WORKS develops and produces flexible connectors, bellows, inflatable bellows and other customized connectors for your application. E.g. they can be applied in between moving machine parts. Vibration, noise and pipe damage is practically eliminated. Flexible connectors make installation of machine parts more easy.  

  • Flexible connectors general

    Flexible connectors general

  • Expansion joints

    Expansion joints

  • Inflatable bellows

    Inflatable bellows

  • Inflatable shelters

    Inflatable shelters

  • Inflatable clamp tubes

    Inflatable clamp tubes

  • Inflatable air tubes

    Inflatable air tubes

  • Inflatable tubes

    Inflatable tubes

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Industrial flexible solutions

"Our waste materials and by-products are recycled by Texyloop"